Ísey Skyr bar

Where can I apply to become a Skyr Guru?

You can apply here: www.iseyskyrbar.com/apply

You are always welcome to contact us on info@iseyskyrbar.com, if you have any questions regarding the job positions at Ísey Skyr Bar.

Do you have training programs?

Training of our employees is truly important to us. We have training courses that all employees need to attend, together with training materials including Ísey Skyr Bar Employee Handbook and Recipe Handbook.

How did you create the menu at Ísey Skyr Bar?

The menu has been developed by Icelandic, Michelin chef Agnar Sverrisson with emphasis on the original Icelandic Ísey Skyr as base. All menu items are super healthy and super tasty inspired by the colours, sensations and textures of the Icelandic nature.

Do you serve your food and drinks in different sizes?

Yes, some of the menu items are served in different sizes.

What are the opening hours of Ísey Skyr Bar?

This depends on the specific location of the Ísey Skyr Bar.

Are the food and drinks at Ísey Skyr Bar healthy?

The original, natural Ísey Skyr base is our healthy foundation - high in protein and fat-free. The delicious menu items at Ísey Skyr Bar are created with high-quality, natural ingredients containing no artificial materials and a minimum amount of sugar added.

Can I find you on social media?

Yes, we have Instagram and Facebook, where contests, special offers and relevant news in relation to Ísey Skyr Bar and the Icelandic healthy living will be posted.

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/iseyskyrbar
Find us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/iseyskyrbar

How do I become an Ísey Skyr Bar franchisee?

You can contact Ísey Skyr Bar mother company on info@iseyskyrbar.com to set up a meeting to discuss becoming a franchisee on an exclusive geographical market.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do, send an e-mail to info@iseyskyrbar.com.